jQuery Fundamentals

A well-presented online introduction to javascript and jQuery that may reveal the shape of code books to come.

Master Mobile Web Apps with jQuery Mobile

This book is well worth the money for any developers who want to get started quickly with jQuery mobile, but also go beyond the built-in look and functionality.

HTML and CSS Web Standards Solutions

HTML and CSS Web Standards Solutions is a superb starting point for anyone needing to learn (or teach) web design from the very beginning.

Content Strategy for the Web

Recommended for those who want become “Content Strategists” or have landed in that role within large organization, not for the small-scale website owner.

Digging Into Wordpress

Digging into Wordpress is an excellent guide for anyone who needs to get up to speed with Wordpress quickly and (relatively) painlessly.

Hardboiled Web Design

Whether or not you agree with the “hardboiled” methodology, this book is a good resource on HTML5 markup, ARIA roles, and CSS3, and will make you re-examine conventional web design wisdom.

Ordering Disorder

If you aren’t familiar with grid principles or applying them to the web, this book is a good starting point, but look elsewhere for help with implementation.

CSS3 for Web Designers

Dan Cederholm’s A Book Apart book will inspire you to use new CSS3 features to add creative details to “surprise and delight”.

Sams Teach Yourself Google Analytics in 10 Minutes

For many web designers who need to be able to advise clients knowledgeably, this book will be sufficient to get up to speed with Google Analytics.

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