Blue Note: Album Cover Art

***** Oct152008

This small volume is chock full of eye candy ripe for the picking. If you’re looking for inspiration in the use of color, type, layout, photography, or even illustration, you’ll find it in these album covers. The designers of these covers really had a unique luxury, which was having a relatively large and fixed-size canvas, on which a relatively small amount of information needed to be conveyed, and they used it to great effect. The covers range in mood from cool to jubilant, but are always bold.

Relevance for web design

I see seeds of ideas for navigation, page layout and colorways, and creative ways to incorporate photography. For designers hooked on the Web 2.0 crack that of soft gradients, reflections, starbursts, and rounded corners this book might be the antidote they need.


My only complaint was the small size of the book, but there are similar full-size collections as well (they’re on my wishlist!):

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Author(s)Graham Marsh, Glyn Callingham
PublisherChronicle Books

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