Building Findable Websites Web Standards, SEO, and Beyond

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Building Findable Websites: Web Standards, SEO, and Beyond by Aaron Walter is the best web development book I’ve read in a long time. It is densely packed with actionable advice for improving the “findability” of your site, and in so doing, improving the usability, readability, speed, and manageability of your site. Findability is a broader concept than simply SEO. It is helping people find your site, helping people navigate your site and retrieve the information/action they want from it, and encouraging people to return to your site. This book was so useful, I submitted an audio review of it to my favorite web design podcast.

Walter covers a wide range of areas you can work on to improve the findability of your site, from the importance of quality content with strategically placed keywords, using semantic markup with clear hierarchies, server-side strategies such as friendly urls, rss and email subscriptions, etc. In Chapter 9, the author provides a prioritized, tiered approach to improving your site’s findability.


I heartily recommend this book to not just web designers and developers, but also website owners and managers and web content writers.

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Author(s)Aarron Walter
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