Color Design Workbook

*** Dec192009

“Workbook” in this book’s title is misleading. While the book is full of examples of interesting palettes in many different areas of graphic design, there is nothing in the way of exercises or “do-on-your-own” tasks that would justify the term “workbook.”

As for nitty gritty color theory, I don’t know all that much about it, and this book did not add much to my knowledge in that area. The chapters “What is Color” and “Color Theory” span only the first 20 pages of the book, and are followed by “Color Meanings”, which consists of a vague chart attempting to explain the cultural significance and associations of various colors.

Mostly, this book is a venue for design examples (the full second half of the book is dedicated to “case studies”, and the first half is interspersed with real-world examples as well), many with interesting colorways or innovative use of color.


This book is worth picking up used, to look at some nice palettes and designs, but for fundamental training or exercises in color theory, look elsewhere.

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