Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works

* Jul152007

I am a relative newbie to the study of typography, but still this book is far too basic. the writing is friendly and conversational at the expense of informativeness. I learned a single fact which I had always been curious about—that the letterforms of smaller-point type are different from (not just smaller than) larger-point type in the same face—and that is a pretty elemental thing that most people interested in type are already aware of.

More suprisingly, there are some serious issues with the layout and typography of this book. Some sidebars, which are in small type, are set in yellow. Small yellow print on white paper? Surely a legibility no-no. Also, each page serves as its own mini-essay (and I do mean mini; on most spreads, only the right-hand page has any text, and even then sometimes only half a page) but lacks a headline, so the reader has no idea what the page is about.


There almost isn’t enough information contained in this book to judge who its audience would be, but I just don’t see a lot of point to owning it.

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Author(s)Erik Spiekermann, E.M. Ginger
PublisherAdobe Press

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