The Big Book of Green Design

**** Nov292009

The authors of The Big Book of Green Design take a wide view of “green” design, including both works that promote eco-conscious products and companies (full disclosure: this is where my contribution falls, on page 103) and pieces that are green within the design itself.

Because of this broad approach, the book contains some examples that I feel have only one of two qualities required. That is, they are promoting something green, but the design is unremarkable, or the design is gorgeous, but the eco-friendliness of the product is borderline.

However, for the most part the examples in this book are beautiful, inspiring and wide-ranging: packaging, posters, products, apparel, and even event/environment design.

The book itself is also nicely designed, with a very solid bare-bones cover.


I would recommend this book for any designer with an inclination towards eco-friendly printing and packaging, or who hopes to develop a niche of “green” clients.

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Author(s)Suzanna M Stephens, Anthony B Stephens
PublisherCollins Design

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