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The excellent content of this book is nearly overwhelmed by it’s extremely distracting and ill-conceived design. Whoever made the bizarre decision to make every single page a different color (such as pink or ochre and purple), often printed with noisy background images, should think about some of the authors’ principals of accessibilty, and design not interfering with content. It makes it impossible to jump to a specific section or go back in the text and find anything. It very nearly makes it impossible to read! Check out page 152 for an example. Why on earth does that text need a background image? Much less one that is actually not an image at all, but pixelated type in nearly the same size as the actual type.

Okay, enough of a rant.

Setting aside the horrible design, the content is solid. Each author delves into not just “tips and tricks” but how to refine and improve a design, and implement that more sophisticated design on the web. Many of the chapters take you through actual designs or redesigns the authors participated in, giving the reader valuable insight into how these respected designers work.


It is worth wading through the distracting colors, and background images to read case studies from the likes of Mark Boulton, Andy Clarke, and Jeff Croft.

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