Reviews tagged with html:

HTML and CSS Web Standards Solutions

HTML and CSS Web Standards Solutions is a superb starting point for anyone needing to learn (or teach) web design from the very beginning.

Hardboiled Web Design

Whether or not you agree with the “hardboiled” methodology, this book is a good resource on HTML5 markup, ARIA roles, and CSS3, and will make you re-examine conventional web design wisdom.

HTML5 For Web Designers

Jeremy Keith takes us on a whirlwind tour of the history and features of HTML5. An excellent introduction for designers/developers.

Web Standards Solutions

Unless you or someone you love has not yet embraced the basics of standards-based web development, you can safely skip this book.

CSS Mastery

This is an essential book for those learning CSS who want to get up to speed quickly, and is useful for experienced developers as well.

HTML Mastery

An excellent book, worth reading and reference for even the jaded html junkie.