Reviews tagged with javascript:

JavaScript Patterns

JavaScript Patterns is a straightforward, densely packed book of patterns for writing maintainable, extensible, and performant JavaScript.

Javascript: The Good Parts

Javascript: The Good Parts is an excellent book on Javascript for certain audiences.

jQuery Fundamentals

A well-presented online introduction to javascript and jQuery that may reveal the shape of code books to come.

Master Mobile Web Apps with jQuery Mobile

This book is well worth the money for any developers who want to get started quickly with jQuery mobile, but also go beyond the built-in look and functionality.

JQuery: Novice to Ninja

This book, which takes a project-based approach, is recommended for front-end developers who want to start using JQuery in their website projects.

JQuery Enlightenment

Cody Lindley’s JQuery Enlightenment is recommended reading for any designer/developer who finds himself enhancing sites or web apps with JQuery on a regular basis.

Designing with Progressive Enhancement

A must-read for developers of online applications or other sites with significant user interaction.

jQuery Cookbook

A concisely-written companion to the JQuery library, excellent for learning and reference.

Learning JQuery

The better of two books I’ve read on JQuery.

JQuery in Action

I have two books on jQuery, my javascript library of choice. In this post, I review jQuery in Action, by Bear Bibeault and Yehuda Katz.

Bulletproof AJAX

This is a short book, and should be considered a primer to be read before diving in to more project-oriented books on AJAX.

DOM Scripting

Essential reading for anyone getting started using javascript (library or not).