Reviews tagged with mobile:

Mobile Design Pattern Gallery

Theresa Neil’s Mobile Design Pattern Gallery is an excellent resource for designers solving creating mobile user interfaces.

Mobile Usability

Mobile Usability by Jakob Nielsen and Raluca Budiu is a disappointing book with few real insights and some usability problems of its own.

The Mobile Frontier

I would recommend Rachel Hinman’s The Mobile Frontier to anyone planning a mobile user experience in the near future.

Master Mobile Web Apps with jQuery Mobile, Third Edition

I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to get start building web and native-like apps with jQuery Mobile.

Responsive Web Design

The most useful nuggets in this book can be gleaned by reading up on media queries and mobile-first design online, then experimenting on your own.

Master Mobile Web Apps with jQuery Mobile

This book is well worth the money for any developers who want to get started quickly with jQuery mobile, but also go beyond the built-in look and functionality.