Reviews tagged with video:

The New Big Book of Layouts

This book is nicely laid out, and contains generally high quality design examples from all over the world, but it’s better for print than the web.

The Information Design Handbook

This book is a decent introduction to information design, but shouldn’t be purchased as a manual or reference volume.


Typewise illuminates some of the fundamental differences between print design and web design.

Color Design Workbook

Worth picking up a cheap copy to flip through, but this book won’t provide an education in color.

The Big Book of Green Design

A broad survey of designs, variously qualified as being “green.”

Typography Now: The Next Wave

Worth having for the pieces that still look fresh and interesting today, and those that decidedly don’t.

Blue Note: Album Cover Art

An invaluable source of inspiration.

Pioneers of Modern Typography

This book shows striking examples of European avant-garde typography from between the wars.

Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works

There is little useful information this “unique and lively guidebook”.